• Hiring Temporary Research Assistant

    New York City artist seeking temporary research assistant.

    Queens-based artist seeks temporary research assistant for current projects and upcoming written texts. Looking for experience with one or more of the following research areas:

    • Law, Economics, Public Policy, History, Critical Theory

    And familiarity with accessing the following materials:

    • Current and past legal texts (court opinions, legislation, etc.)
    • Current and past public administration documents (city finances, charters, development contracts, etc.)
    • Current and past documents of the financial industry
    • Current and past documents relative to anthropological and sociological study

    Examples of research questions:
    • When did “air rights” become articulated in the United States as part of property ownership? How do different cities offer “air rights transfers” as part of pro-development policies?
    • The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement places the US dollar at the center of exchange rate management for 44 nations until 1971 when the gold standard is removed from the dollar. What were the GDP trends of these 44 nations during the agreement and after the 1971 deregulation? What were the GDP trends of nations outside of the agreement during the same time period?

    • Ideal schedule is weekly beginning June through July with further dates TBD.
    • Artist and research assistant will work jointly.
    • Graduate degree or current graduate student preferred.
    • Familiarity with resources for conducting academic research across fields and proper citation methods.
    • $25/hour by private check.
    • 5-hour sessions, once a week on a temporary basis.
    • Mondays or Fridays preferred but flexible. Can work from artist home/studio in Queens or at a public location collaboratively.
    • Artist-produced works and texts which incorporate collaborative research will credit “Research assistance provided by [name].”

    Please contact with any questions and for those interested please send a short introduction and background.