2015 - present

In this web-based project, viewers are provided with a fully searchable text document of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and amendments. Asked to search for keywords in the document, users are taken to the line of its usage and shown the amount of times it is used. For words that do not appear, users are notified and asked if they would like to add their word to a growing bank of terms not in the Constitution.
Pre-programmed, the website creates an RSS feed to be sent to any LED screen for public display. Public iterations of the project can show the master list or reset the bank to zero and invite visitors to submit to the display, creating groups of missing text that connect with the political and social climate of the time and space. Each unique grouping will be archived for future review of the variations of themes in time and location.

Exhibition History:
2015 - present, public web art project
Words Not In The Constitution

To bring the project to your space, please contact Kenneth Pietrobono