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Easement (Vermont 1)
Artist Contract
Easement (Vermont 1)
Artist Contract

I, Kenneth Pietrobono (the “artist”) hereby certify the following artwork
Easement (Vermont 1), 2016
Relationship (August 8, 2016 - November 7, 2016)
(the “work) is authentic and was created by me with the approval and participation of
Christopher Keefe and Mike McGrath (“property owners”) of XXX Old Cheney Road, West Townshend, VT. 05359 (the “property”).
The work consists of a legal relationship affirmed by certified “Agreement for Temporary
Easement” document (see attachment) in which the Artist is exempt from property owner’s rightto exclude non-property owner access to the property. This easement and its rights are granted to the artist in exchange for the property owner’s ownership of this work and the artist’s physical and cultural labor exerted on the land consisting of

A.) Two days physical labor marking, digging and filling 8ft x 3ft plot of land.
B.) Two day performance of labor marking, digging and filling 8ft x 3ft plot of land.

These labors are used to achieve the work but are not works in and of themselves.
All physical and documentary accumen of labor are extensions of Easement (Vermont 1) and remain property of the artist.
The status of this work is contingent on the relationship on which it is based. Active dates of “Agreement for Temporary Easement” establish the active dates of the work and are listed as: August 8, 2016 - November 7, 2016

Upon end date of this agreement, the property/work owners may choose from the following:
A.) Renew “Agreement for Temporary Easement” and re-establish the artwork (artist will
supply a renewed contract certifying renewed work).
B.) Choose to phase out of easement relationship/artwork but retain the traces of the work attached to the property. In such case, property owner will have the site of work assessed for its tax value and pay the artist this amount on a rental basis to be determined.
C.) Choose to phase out of easement relationship/artwork, in which case, artwork no
longer exists.

Artist and property owners agree to the terms of this contract in entry of easement relationship.
Signed contract is proof of artwork for period listed below.
Artist Date
Effective August 8, 2016 - November 7, 2016