PROJECTS > Selections From The Modern Landscape

2013 - present

In this conceptual project, plant life from the natural environment is renamed to reflect the complex dynamics and forces of the modern cultural landscape. Responsive to each unique landscape, names flow freely to best address the immediate concerns of a space, its moment in time and its inhabitants. By projecting our social, political and economic realities on to the natural, we gain a new perspective on the ways they perhaps are porous, connected and mutually reinforcing.

Exhibition History:
2013, NYC Parks Jackson Square, New York
2013, Socrates Sculpture Garden, New York
2015, Old Stone House, New York

Latin translations by Ross Hulkes.

Selections From The Modern Landscape (Jackson Square)

Printed Notecards
6.25 x 4.25 inches each
Opportunity Cost, Desire, Speculation
Offset Print
11 x 17 inches