a state in which the needs of a time or group are out of sync with its beliefs;

a discourse which sustains belief but does not intersect need,

a time of illegibility in which maintained misalignment between belief and need obstructs collective knowledge and remedy;

a constraint in which the lifespan of an individual is the temporal limit by which remedy can be perceived and measured;

a logic which equates emotional response with the production of remedy;

a strategy in which the beliefs of a time or group are manipulated in order to maintain advantage and limit change;

a displacement in which the inability to achieve power informs the emotional need to express power;

a debate which entrenches the terms it seeks to transcend, producing knowledge which is irrelevant to remedy;

a system in which the emotional and structural inability to endure positions of not knowing creates a power beyond regulation within maintained ignorance and intentional misalignment of knowledge, belief and need;

a crisis in which reality is indiscernible from belief of reality;

a phrase and artwork by Kenneth Pietrobono.