Artist. Writer. Collaborator. Exploring the failure of language to adequately model the structures we live in.


"A Structural Crisis in an Emotional Landscape" - an artwork paying media writers to remove thirty words from three texts within one year. Learn more here.

noun, phrase, artwork
1. a state in which logic is separate and distinct from emotional reality;
2. a condition in which the structural needs of a time or group are out of sync with the emotional responses that inform its dialogue and material responses to those needs;
3. a system in which structural remedies are withheld and emotional responses of individuals are manipulated to restrict the group from achieving structural change; an age of no remedy;
4. a crisis in which the primacy of the individual centers the emotional needs of a single life span as equivalent to the arc of time in which structures function;
5. a belief system which falsely equates emotional response wth long-lasting, meaningful effect on embedded structures and conversely holds that structural logic will have bearing on emotional reality;
6. a phrase and artwork by Kenneth Pietrobono, 2017/2018.