Kenneth Pietrobono’s work animates the failure of language to model the world we live in. Using multi-platform projects, research and collaborations, Pietrobono explores the inability to communicate complex systems as a core limit to affecting institutionalized and emergent power. Crafting experiential projects, Pietrobono’s work challenges normative political, social and economic models in pursuit of collaborative alternatives and remedy.

Working in New York City, Pietrobono is a first-generation American with his family immigrating from Santiago, Chile to the United States in 1971. Born 1982 and raised in Miami, FL., Pietrobono graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at Florida State University and is currently a member of Occupy Museums and an appointed member of the Citizens' Advisory Committee for the NYC Cultural Plan.

Occupy Museums
NYC Cultural Plan "Create NYC"

LMCC Workspace Resident 2018-2019
Between You and Me, text with Imani Jacqueline Brown, Art Practical, 2018
Debtfair @ 516 Arts, Occupy Museums