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Terms and Conditions, 2012 - present
Terms and Conditions (On Wanting), 2016 - present

For 30 days, the artist wears 30 shirts naming 30 economic, political or social 'terms and conditions' of life within the modern landscape. This visual and performance project is used to acknowledge the principles that structure our culture and the position of the individual within it. Harnessing the often minimal thought given to their understanding or legitimacy, (including the artist's own) terms are presented as free of association while functioning as a placeholder/portal to larger system of forces that shape our environments yet have no form.

Exhibition History:
2012, Public art project, New York
2016, BRIC Arts | Media House, New York
2016, Public art project, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C.

2015, "Tseng Kwong Chi: Performance for the Camera," Joshua Chambers Letson essay
2016, BRIC Arts | Media House, New York, Catalogue